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Mitchell Street Pictures is an Oakland CA based film company owned by Director, Writer and Editor, Vincent Cortez and Producer/Coordinator Sofia L. Cortez.


Our work has been distributed internationally and throughout the U.S in theaters, on cable, and home video/streaming services. In addition to our narrative film work, we have also create documentary, corporate, and commercial content for clients ranging from Google to Samsung.


Mitchell Street Pictures has extensive experience conceptualizing, capturing and completing projects "on time" and "on budget".


We are technicians, artists and craftspeople, but most importantly, we are “storytellers”. We’ve created high concept movies and commercials on various budgetary scales with skill, confidence and creativity.


Mitchell Street Pictures owns and operates full Camera, Sound and Lighting/Grip packages.


Mitchell Street Studios manages Editorial, VFX & Graphics, Color Grading and Sound Design/Mixing for projects of all scales, utilizing Adobe, BlackMagic Design, and Apple software through reliable Apple hardware. We also manage and operate a Sound Isolation Booth for voice-over & foley work.


Please CONTACT us for specific inquiries.

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