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Vincent Cortez
Writer | Director | Editor | Composer

Vincent Cortez is an Oakland CA based filmmaker who became passionate about storytelling in his youth. After graduating from SFSU’s Cinema Program, he launched Mitchell Street Pictures, where he focused on directing content that is diverse and compelling. His short films have been distributed internationally on both big and small screens, including his short film “Dad” which was picked up by PBS and “Darkness of Night” which premiered on El Rey Network. Besides his work directing, Vincent has also functioned as a writer, producer, editor and composer.

Focusing on universal themes, Vincent creates high-concept films that blend and cross genres, with character and story at the forefront. His desire to tell inclusive stories stems from his Latino culture and his background growing up in a multi-cultural community. In addition to narrative films, Vincent has worked on corporate and commercial projects with clients ranging from Google to Samsung.


When he isn’t making a film, Vincent can be found his wife and producing partner, Sofia, and their two incredible children.


Sofia L. Cortez
Producer | Production Coordinator

Sofia L. Cortez is a Latina producer who fell in love with the power of filmmaking while watching movies as a child in Oakland CA. She has helped produce over a dozen short films, as well several features, including acclaimed Bay Area film “Collisions” (2017). Since 2006, she has collaborated with her filmmaking partner and husband, Vincent Cortez. Together they launched Mitchell Street Pictures, and their projects, including short films "Dad", "Darkness of Night" and “The Lost”, have found distribution through PBS, El Rey Network and Amazon.


Sofia graduated from SFSU with a degree in Teaching and Administration, so inherently she brings a logical and orderly approach to her work, without losing sight of story and craft. Working with young people and families taught Sofia that underrepresented individuals must feel seen and heard to help them reach their potential. She is passionate about young women and people of color being included and represented authentically onscreen.

When Sofia isn't on-set or pushing projects through completion, she can be found spending time with her children, active in the community, or going for a nice hike.

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